People Give to People.

When people are involved

in projects they feel

passionate about,

they’re likely to become

involved donors.

The Grant Writer’s Credo


Grants are financial resources for various types of funding in coordination to a partnership between the federal government, corporations, foundations, trusts imparted to a business or an individual. Grants are requested by organizations to cover expenses, improve or extend the business structure, or expand the requestor sources of support for the community in which it serves.

Grants and Scholarships are often used interchangeably in relation to “free money”, they both offer “a chance” for financial opportunity. However, the process for obtaining funds from a grantor requires more diligence than actively submitting an online application. The application guidelines of a grant can be demanding, lengthy, and tedious depending on the type of grant, the amount of the grant requested, the purpose of the grant, and the grant writer’s compliance of writing, submitting, and follow-up procedures.

Grants are versatile funds for nonprofit organizations, private organization, emergency funds, program development, start-up funds, in-kind gifts, continuing support, opportunities into the world of philanthropy, and education. For every business need, there is a financial seed waiting to be claimed. The Write Time is capable of sowing those seeds into dollars for your business. Contact Ms. Chris to get started securing those dollars for your future business needs. Now, let’s talk business!